Designing and modernizing industrial machinery

Quattrotec Oy - web processing equipment

Quattrotec is an incorporated company that was established in December 2002 in Valkeakoski, Finland. The line of business is designing and modernizing industrial machinery. Currently we have 10 employees in various kinds of administrative, design and installation work.

We have clients both in Finland and abroad. Our export is primarily to Europe and Asia. Our yearly turnover is around 3.5 M euro. We also import parts of machinery.

In autumn 2006, Quattrotec moved to larger premises, which enabled us to manage various projects simultaneously. The 700 sqaremeter hallspace facilitates the construction of larger machines and the 130 squaremeter office space offers an peaceful place for the design work.


Paper converting

Quattrotec slitting winder S1600-3000

Quattrotec slitting winder is designed for rewinding and slitting. Rewinder roll quality is optimized with automation control system. Quattrotec slitting winder S1600-2500 design is always customized with customer to fulfill all demands in every case. 


  • Speed up to 1800 m/min
  • Web Width up to 2500mm
  • Rewind end max dia 1600mm
  • Unwinder max dia 2000mm
  • Soft drum technology
  • Min slitting width 50mm
  • Rider roll controlled with control system
  • Drum torque control
  • Web tension control
  • Automatic sequences
  • Drives – ABB,SIEMENS Definded with customer
  • Graphical HMI System


  • Cutting and glueing
  • Core feeding

Quattrotec slitting winder B1600-2000

Quattrotec Slitting winder QB1600-2000 is designed for extra small width cuttings, design aims to easy change together with turret model rewind section and automatic cutting and gluing.


  • Speed up to 1000m/min
  • Width max 2000mm
  • Rewind dia max 900m
  • Unwind dia max 2000mm
  • Controller controlled web tension
  • Automatic sequences
  • Drives – ABB,SIEMENS Definded with customer
  • Graphical HMI System
  • Automatic Cutting and Glueing system
  • Automatic Trim

Pope reels

Quattrotec QP1 pope reeler are suitable for paper converting industry. QP1 contains latest and reliable automation solutions.


  • Width up to 2500mm
  • Speed up to 1000m/min
  • Roll max dia 2500mm
  • Linear pressing
  • Empty tambour accelerating
  • Rope cutting
  • Graphical HMI System

Turret unwinders

Quattrotec L1200 and axle unwinders

Flexible design with customer to serve all kind paper feeding. Feeding and braking with servo motors. 


  • Roll dia max 1200mm
  • Speed max 150m/min
  • Control mode
  • Lenght, speed, torque
  • Graphical HMI system

Aluminium Unwinder


Turret unwinder with automatic splicing both ways and direction change splicing.

Isolating industry

Hot sealing drums

Electrically heated cylinder for isolating industry quaranties 100% adhesion to wool. No hot oils, smokes or flames. Drum widths specified with customer according their needs.


  • Width: 500mm to 3000mm
  • Dia up to 2600mm

Turret unwinders / center axle unwinders

Turret unwinders completes hot sealing drum package with reliable unwinding system. Unwinders tension is controlled with pneumatic brakes and diameter sensoring.


Robust belt conveyers

Machine rebuild / upgrade services

Machine rebuild / upgrade services

Quattrotecs one of the business areas is to upgrade old machines to todays shape. With modernization customer can improve product quality and lower maintenance costs.

Automation & drives

Quattrotec Line Control software

  • For all kind of paper converting lines
  • PLC & Drive rebuild
  • Clear and easy use HMI
  • Safety integrated solutions
  • Build for customer needs

Quattrotec Heating Control software

  • For all extruder zone heating
  • PLC & Controls
  • Clear and easy use HMI
  • Easy tuning and startup
  • Build for customer needs


  • Drive control software and hardware
  • Safety integrated
  • AC or DC
  • Motor changes or just controller
  • Build for customer needs















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Carousel unwinder shaft, Czech

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Pope rewinder linear pressing, Finland

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Pope rewinder safety upgrade, Sweden

Unwinder brakes, Sweden

Laminator nip adjust, Sweden

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cast film machine automation modernization, finland

creping machine, sweden

extrusion line modernization, poland

extrusion line modernization, sweden

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heat sealing drum, russia

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turret rewinder, sweden

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printing machine automation modernization, finland

heat sealing drum maintenance, finland

heat sealing drums, denmark

slitting rewinder s1800, finland

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carousel unwinder shaft, finland

Heat sealing drum, finland

carousel unwinder, germany

extrusion line automation modernization, germany

heat sealing drum, france

carousel unwinder, finland

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aluminium carousel unwinder, finland

carousel unwinder, finland

double side laminator, finland

heat sealing drums and unwinders, poland

carousel unwinder, finland

heat sealing drums and unwinders, france

carousel unwinder modernization, finland

winder modernization, sweden

Slitter rewinder modernization, finland

sealing machine, finland

skiving machine, finland

Winder automation modernization, finland

facing unwind stands, poland

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slitting winder s2000, finland

slitting winder b1600, finland

lifting table for heavy reels, finland

heat sealing drums and unwinder, netherlands

heat sealing drums and unwinders, spain

heat sealing drums and unwinders, france

teflon tape device, finland

Double drum winder, hungary

Double drum winder modernization, hungary

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line drives for extrusion line, finland

teflontape device and

unwinder, finland

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